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Financial Planning and Consulting

There’s a reason professional pilots file flight plans; to ensure the airplane successfully reaches its destination.  How likely is it that you will reach your destination if you don’t have a plan or know where you are going? Coles Reinstein financial professionals can help you craft a financial plan that will lay out a clear path to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.


If you are like many people and struggle with questions regarding how much money you will need to retire, how to help finance your children’s education, or even if it makes economic sense to pay for that personal “umbrella” insurance policy, we can help you develop reasoned answers based on economically-sensible principles.  We look at both the big picture and the minute details when designing a plan for you. Every plan we design revolves around you, your circumstances, your goals, and your desires.  While we can help assist on most any particular financial issue, we specialize in comprehensive plans that address the entire spectrum of sound financial decision-making.


Financial Planning Professionals

S. Jason Coles, MBA, CPA/PFS

Keith A. Pinkerton, MBA, CFA, ASA


Financial Planning and Consulting Services

  • Ways to save money
  • Planning for retirement
  • Planning for education
  • Special Needs  
  • Proper use of insurance
  • Proper use of debt financing
  • Types of Issues Our Plans Explore
  • Evaluating leasing options
  • Evaluating loan and credit terms   
  • Implementing mortgage strategies
  • Planning for children
  • Planning for marriage  
  • Social Security optimization
  • Planning for career changes
  • Investment portfolio evaluation
  • Education funding
  • Death and disability planning
  • Estate planning
  • Asset Protection